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A stranger

I thought everything is the sameI remembered how we were greatguiding each otherseeing the future from our angleyou’re totally different nowyou’re a stranger now he told me what I wanted to hearhe assured me where I was downthat, he is gonna be there alwayswhere have you been,a stranger my fear rests on when you willContinue reading “A stranger”

To you

I wonder if we were too quick to judge you. I understand we were supposed to hear your side of the story. We wished we had an interface meeting but guess what, there will never be such an opportunity. Things changed to fast. Time moves so fast. The world is no longer the same. IContinue reading “To you”


Get out of my sightDon’t ever come at nightI can now see lightYou brought darkness hereBabe do me a favorDisappear Who cares?Playing tricks like I’m stupidLike I should still be dancing to liesYou brought chaos hereBabe listen to meDisappear Gone are the daysWhen you had sweet talksWhen you could pick up my callsWhen you couldContinue reading “Disappear”

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