How He Left me

By innocent kwakwala

It pains me a lot up to now
I hate narrating the story to anyone else
I don’t believe that all what we had was fake
I cry sometimes when I get to remember my past
His manipulated handsome face masked his crippled and impaired heart
But why did he do that

What’s real then, after all sweet words
Promises he showered on me
The love he showed me
Introducing me to his friends
Like why couldn’t he just left me alone
I mean not taking our bond far

He knew he will date another one
In his words better than
With more beauty than me
More intelligent than
than me
“You are nothing if I can compare you with my new lover”
I didn’t believe that the same mouth which used to spit cake is now venomous

Look at my time now
Everyone knew I was attached to you
After all those dps, statuses, your photos were everywhere on my Instagram and Facebook
How could you?
I hate myself
U eroded my happiness into a deep sea of pain and sorrow.
Wen I luk at u all I see is a great history of evil the likes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb.

I look like am useless now
Any single move by me looks like I wanna make you feel jealousy but no
Im looking for happiness, yes! happiness
You took it away from me
I was happy before you came with your lies
Remember that
I was an innocent and good before you poisoned my mind
I gave my heart to you
I trusted you
I…loved you
I…. loved
I… loved

Published by ikwakwala

I'm a very interesting creature who plays with vocabulary both in art as in poetry or even in mere chats. I study and read hard. I'm receptive and constructively welcome criticisms wherever necessary

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