How He Left me By innocent kwakwala It pains me a lot up to nowI hate narrating the story to anyone elseI don’t believe that all what we had was fakeI cry sometimes when I get to remember my pastHis manipulated handsome face masked his crippled and impaired heartBut why did he do that What’sContinue reading “HOW HE LEFT ME”


Routines we become victimsof our deedsprisonersof our livesSlavesof our thoughtsOf our doubtsWe hate hate hated by haters of our hatredSuch a disgraceIn path of what was createdexisting channelwe dont wish to alterwe abide and  fallwe respect and followWe dont questionits rudenessnot loyaltywe livewe become quietwe winwe become strictWe become angryif they dont do what weContinue reading “Routines”


Tɪʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇɴᴅʙʏ ɪɴɴᴏᴄᴇɴᴛ s. ᴋᴡᴀᴋᴡᴀʟᴀ I know it hurts youAnd torments me Till I get it right on howReally it tortured my mindWith hopelessness, insomniaWhy did it really had to come to thisBetraying our beliefsDisplacing my thoughts Like how come we didn’t figure it at firstMaybe impossible solution could have been opted I know it hurtsContinue reading “TILL THE END”


CRY I cry for my unfullfilledreamsI cry for my unspoken truthI cry for my mistakesI cry for being a statue in the moment of change I cry for my friendsI cry for people who we used to understand each otherThese are tears for people who i trusted but ended up betraying meMy school lifeMy fellowContinue reading “CRY”

Before 2pm

Before 2pm They say beauty is in the eye of the beholderIm the holder of all what it qualifies to inaugurate queen of the worldI want you to smile at meListening to meStop judging meAnalysing me because this is what we have been waiting forBefore 2pm i want you to feel that you are whoContinue reading “Before 2pm”

Female INTJ

FEMALE INTJ She is such a rare typeDeeply in her intuition butShe is such a mere humanDriven by alertness and guessShe is a star more valuable preciselyWoman of our and their dreamsDribbling and ecdysis of carelessLet’s see her principlesBlind ones think its muddledLike her speech is rudeWait, her being good in dimensionsOf just being herContinue reading “Female INTJ”

You are

You are A blessing engulfed with promisesMelodies and certaintyThe purity deserving vowsHundreds to millions of wowsDowns uplifter to crownsNow I say You areA creature in modern worldWho appeared at the strangers faceAnd said ” “Word unexpressed beyondUnquoted behind the joy undiscovered You areThe queen deserve to beSlapped with sweetnessHappy moments and zero regretsTo be vividlyContinue reading “You are”

Mulanje My home

I climbed on topto study with hopeto pass exams i felt fresh airfrom the tea plantationadmiring beauty of the land i celebrated my villagefor we collected firewoodto cook thobwa and we danced


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